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Verve: Vigor and Spirit or Enthusiasm


Every Verve Performance Labs product is the result of decades of human performance studies, and the input of our dental, medical, chiropractic, physiotherapy, elite athletic and US military professionals.

Our products allow you to train harder, perform better, recover faster, and repeat.

Verve: Vigor and Spirit or Enthusiasm

Our company values are simple and straight forward – help others with our teams knowledge and passion for improving people’s lives with wellness products we develop, discover and share. We focus on four key areas in which we can make a difference in achieving our mission:


To be able to function at the highest possible levels, regardless of athletic, military, lifestyle, academic or everyday activity.


To be able to bounce back physically and be prepared to do it all over again from an injury, challenge or issue.


Getting back to your personal base state, your own zen… and overcome the daily toll life’s activities pose.


Achieving a state of relaxation, ridding the mind and body of toxins, stress and negative thoughts.