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AJ Green III is a defensive cornerback with the Cleveland Browns known for his skills, size and training regiment. A fierce competitor, he loves
a challenge as he plies his trade in the NFL.
“I have worked hard to get here and will continue to grow as a player. My Verve Custom Pro Mouthguard helps me breathe and increase
my performance levels, a must as a professional NFL athlete.”
AJ Green III – NFL/Cleveland Browns

AJ Green III – NFL/Cleveland Browns

Fred Brown is a wide receiver with the Titans, who has been a standout on special teams as well. Known for his speed and hard working nature, he is off to a great start in his NFL career.
“Playing in the NFL is a dream and making the most of this opportunity is all about my training, practice and taking care of myself.
Verve gives me an advantage every time, and I use it regularly.”
Fred Brown – NFL/Tennessee Titans

Fred Brown – NFL/Tennessee Titans

Superbowl Champion defensive cornerback Chris Harris is known for his blistering speed and defensive moves. Selected as All-Pro and as a Pro Bowl selection, Chris is known for his off the field charitable activities, and in 2012, he started the Chris Harris Jr. Foundation to support children in need.
“Taking care of myself is key to my success, in the gym, on the field and off. Verve helps me be the best I can be at all times.”
Chris Harris – NFL/San Diego Chargers

Chris Harris – NFL/San Diego Chargers

Brooke Ence is a Utah native and elite CrossFit athlete raised by two
hard-working and driven parents. In 2015 she placed 1st in the California Regionals and went on to place 14th at the 2015 CrossFit Games in
her rookie year. Brooke is also an actress, known for Wonder Woman (2017), Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021), and Justice League (2017). Brooke has built a following for her reputation as an elite competitor and her passion for inspiring others to achieve their goals.
 “I train hard to maintain a peak performance level, and the Verve Custom Pro Performance Lower Mouthguard is a part of my daily routine. Oxygen is critical to increasing my fitness levels.”
Brooke Ence – CrossFit Athlete, Actress

Brooke Ence – CrossFit Athlete, Actress

Motivational speaker, expert in personal protection, World Champion, Pan American & National Champion in Jiu Jitsu, former pro-surfer,
and television personality. Danielle has graced the cover of
Sports Illustrated: Women and Bicycle Magazine. She has also been
featured in Shape, Elle, SELF, Health & Fitness, Mademoiselle, Surfing, Surfer, Spin, Fitness, Oxygen, and many others. 
“No matter what sport or training activity I am doing, my Verve Custom Pro is a part of my must have equipment.”



Danielle Martin – <br>World Champion Jiu Jitsu, <br>Actress and Model

Danielle Martin –
World Champion Jiu Jitsu,
Actress and Model